About Us

Since 1992 AWA have been one of the UK’s leading management consultancies. Working with some of the world’s leading companies, we’ve helped our clients transform business performance through the adoption of advanced working and workplace concepts. Over the last 20 years we have continually developed our services to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of workplace evolution.

“As a pioneering consultancy we are continually evolving our services through our research and development initiative the Workplace PIN (Performance Innovation Network)” Andrew Mawson – Managing Director


We are entirely independent, we make fees only from consultancy and have no other revenue streams that may influence the bias of our solutions. We act solely on behalf of the client to ensure they get the best solutions for their respected organisations. We recognise that business change is constant and that maximising the performance of people is critical.


We are fanatical about helping organisations develop solutions that enable people to make their best contribution to their organisations every day, whilst recognising the economic drivers the client may have.


We have a team of some of Europe’s leading consultants in IT, workplace design, behavioural change, facilities and business strategy who are fused together through a well-defined set of processes and tools. All of our associates bring industrial experience within both large organisations and their respected job functions, but also develop a strong understanding of workplace and behavioural change disciplines through AWA’s training and development programme.


If you would like to know more about AWA, you can call us on 020 7743 7110 or email info@advanced-workplace.com with your enquiry.

  • What we are

    AWA is a multi-disciplined management consultancy that helps organisations make a step change in their performance, people and workplaces.

  • Who we are

    Our team of consultants are not only technical experts in their fields, but they also have experience in working within large and politically complex organisations.

  • Our History

    Since 1992 AWA have worked with leading organisations to deliver technologically and behaviourally complex projects to transform the workplace and the way people work.

  • What we do

    Help you transform your business by implementing advanced working practices to make the most effective use of your people and space.

  • Call us now! 020 7743 7110

    We are based on Gracechurch Street in the City of London. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.