AWA Events

AWA’s events programmes are designed to provide insights into emerging trends, technologies and practices. They are as follows:

The Workplace PIN - AWA’s membership groups focussed on transition to new models for work and place.

Workplace Week – Events, visits and demonstrations designed to shine a light on workplace innovation and raise funds for Children in need.


Research Briefing

30 April 2015 - Breakfast Briefing in London

The 6 Factors of Knowledge Work Productivity - and what they mean for the workplace

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In 2014, AWA’s Workplace PIN with The Centre for Evidence Based Management examined over 800 academic papers to discover what was known about the measurement of knowledge worker productivity and what factors are known to impact it.

At this briefing we’ll be revealing the findings from the research along with definitive guidance for organisations wanting to improve knowledge worker productivity.

You can also find out about the Workplace PIN which is designed for innovative leaders who want to make a difference through the workplace.

If you would like to participate in the briefing, please contact Karen Plum


For more information on the Workplace PIN please click here

Alternatively please download our Transition PIN Flyer 2015 or for more information about our 2015 PIN Research Programme, download the 2015 PIN Research Group Prospectus 050215.

Knowledge Worker Productivity and The Living Office

Tues 12th May 15 - 8.00 am

Herman Miller / AWA Event

In the knowledge economy, getting the best performance from every person on the payroll is increasingly mission critical.

But what is known about Knowledge Worker Productivity? How do we create the conditions in which knowledge workers can thrive? What’s the science on the topic? How can the design and manage to give Knowledge Workers their best chance of delivering a world class performance every day?

We’ll be addressing all these questions at our Breakfast Briefing on the 12th of May.

Our Speakers:

The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity and what it means for the Workplace -  Andrew Mawson, MD and founding Director and AWA (Advanced Workplace Associates) one of the UK’s leading independent Workplace Change Consultancies will be revealing the findings of their 2014 Knowledge Worker Productivity research study undertaken in partnership with the Centre of Evidence Based Management.

AWA’s team reviewed over 800 papers to answer two key questions: What is known about the measurement of Knowledge Worker Productivity?; and what is known about the factors that are associated with Knowledge Worker Productivity?; The research identified 6 key factors than are proven to make a difference to the productivity of knowledge workers.

The Living Office – Oliver Baxter, Insight Programme Manager at Herman Miller will be introducing their NEW view on the landscape of work.

In businesses around the world the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. The tools of work are changing. The work itself is changing. There is a new landscape of work. At Herman Miller, we are working with the world’s leading thinkers and designers to apply a greater understanding of people—how we think, how we are motivated, and how we create and collaborate—to this new landscape of work. In this seminar we will share our approach to how to manage our work, the tools and technologies that enable us, and the places where we come together to do it.

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