The situation

Bupa is a major healthcare company. It has 84,000 employees serving 38 million customers across 190 countries.

In 2017 the UK offices didn’t match the company’s image, nor the needs of its workforce. Bupa was continuing to grow, but it needed to accommodate additional staff within its existing footprint. The leadership team asked us to help them define what a Bupa workplace should look and feel like, with due consideration to optimising the company’s property portfolio. The design of the workplace needed to align with Bupa’s wider vision, which encourages people to enjoy long, happy and healthy lives.

Our approach

Our research showed Bupa could reduce its footprint by accommodating its 5,700 UK staff more effectively.

We undertook a hybrid working review, utilising a suite of employee engagements with leaders, managers and employees to understand their workstyles and the opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic.

We recommended the company’s offices were not only redesigned, but redefined as ‘support centres’ equipped with additional facilities. This was part of a concerted effort to improve the workplace experience in order to enhance employee wellbeing and incentivise staff to come into the office. We engaged the workforce by sharing visualisations showing ‘day in the life’ journeys of people in different roles within the organisation.

Our team of experts oversaw the consolidation of three buildings into one new facility in Manchester and conducted further downsizing projects in Bupa’s Brighton, Staines, Bristol and Leeds offices.

Using the data gathered, we also created a detailed behavioural change roadmap to ensure the refreshed hybrid working model is maintained into the future and has the flexibility to evolve as circumstances change.